New Vegetarian Supplement Supports Cellular Energy and Function

"Cellular Vitality Joins the Standard Process Line of High-Quality Supplements"

PALMYRA, Wis. (May 17, 2010) – Age is just a number. If the body has the right support, like good nutrition and exercise, it can be hard to tell how old a person really is. The foundation of good health begins with our cells, the building blocks of our body. To support the cells that support us, Standard Process Inc. introduces Cellular Vitality, designed to help maintain the body's cellular health today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Cells combine to form tissue, tissue makes up our organs, and our organs compose the body's systems that keep us going. Cellular Vitality is a synergistic blend of B vitamins, bromelain, mushroom, six berry seeds, CoQ10, ginseng, and ribonucleic acid that helps support cellular energy and function. From skin to digestion and cognition to the cardiovascular system, Cellular Vitality supports cellular energy and function, the most basic foundation for physical wellness.*

Swallowing Vitamins

Do you have trouble swallowing vitamins? A little trick I learned that helps is to put the pill in your mouth with some fluid or yogurt, bite down like you are chewing then swallow and that usually does the trick! You could even try with two or three at a time and it can still work.

Standard Process Vitamins are made at very low temperatures so they keep their nutritional value supporting the body with low doses and they are organic!